Nightingales in Berlin

Download-only album by David Rothenberg and friends.

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Nightingale Cities

Double album available exclusively in album form

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Who is playing along with David and the birds?

Korhan Erel

Lembe Lokk

Benedicte Maurseth

Wassim Mukdad

Volker Lankow

Sanna Salmenkallio

Cymin Samawatie

Ines Theileis


Related Projects


Berlin Bülbül

David Rothenberg and Korhan Erel’s midnight jam with Berlin’s fabulous singing nachtigals. About half the tunes on the album are live human/nightingale encounters, and the rest are constructions mixing clarinets and electronic mysteries.


And Vex the Nightingale

David Rothenberg and Lucie Vítková. A single 43 minute long performance from the Treptower Park at midnight—What two people and one bird can do.